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    Phil the Pill’s 10 Things Learned This Week

    Updated: November 7th, 2010
  • Week 10

    10 Things we Leaned this week

    1. The Wrecking Crew defense is on the way back
    2. Florida State’s secondary is vulnerable if the defensive line is blocked
    3. South Carolina must really be looking forward to playing Florida
    4. 92 spectators were diagnosed with whiplash after attending the Illinois-Michigan game in Ann Arbor
    5. Pittsburgh is the best team in the Big East, as if we didn’t know that already
    6. Auburn never takes a week off which is almost impossible for a SEC Team
    7. Michigan State must be pissed that Belcher dropped the pass for Indiana
    8. Virginia Tech needs a better alarm clock since they always seem to spot teams points early in games.
    9. I estimated that Jo Pa will be 97 when he wins his 500th game.
    10. It will be a real shame if TCU doesn’t get a chance to play for a championship

    Week 8 Things CollegeFootballBreakdown.com learned this week

    Looking at Week 7’s below Number 1 stated that “Syracuse is still not ready.” I wrote this after a very poor performance at home against Pittsburgh. Sure enough, they beat West Virginia as a huge dog on the road this week. I guess they are better against teams with no offenses which was #3 of last week, “West Virginia’s offense is also overrated.” This week’s below.

    1 Iowa’s linebacker speed is clearly a problem. They must get some good news from the trainer’s room that their two best linebacker’s can play against Michigan State to help their chances.
    2 Oklahoma’s road troubles continue. It is often said that to win on the road, you need a good defense. Since they are giving up almost 400 yards a game, I guess that’s the problem.
    3 Corey Liuget of Illinois and Nick Fairley of Auburn bring disruptiveness every week from their defensive tackle positions. Fairley was the defensive force that beat LSU.
    4 Kirk Cousins is cool under pressure. His patience and accuracy at key moments was fantastic. It seems that he expects to win.
    5 This is the first week that BJ Daniels of South Florida did not look confused in his new Skip Holtz offense.
    6 If the competition is weak enough, Penn State can run the ball, but still not consistently.
    7 The battle between Utah and TCU should be a classic in a few weeks.
    8 Coverage in the Wisconsin’s secondary has greatly improved from last year.
    9 Next week’s Northern Illinois vs Western Michigan will be a classic battle of a great running game against a great passing game.
    10 Texas and California are skitso.

    Week 7 Things CollegeFootballBreakdown.com learned this week

    1) Syracuse is still not ready.
    2) South Florida has no offense
    3) West Virginia’s offense is also overrated.
    4) Ohio State can give up a 100 yard rusher
    5) Only a handful of teams are capable of taking a week off and winning against a formidable opponent. South Carolina is not one of them. Michigan State is.
    6) Illinois’ Corey Liuget is definitely one of the best interior lineman in the country.
    7) Tate Forcier can still move a team.
    8 USC’s Matt Barkley is as accurate as anyone in the country and is not getting enough pub.
    9) San Diego State can play physical.
    10) We need to get better.

    Week 6- Things CollegeFootballBreakdown.com learned this week

    1 Northwestern is vulnerable to any strength at the point of attack.
    2 Miami’s offense did struggle against Clemson last week and they did it again vs FSU
    3 Illinois is improving not just on the lines but also in the understanding of the schemes of both new coordinators
    4 After seeing how the previous opponents of Iowa have played, I must downgrade their offensive line.
    5 Nebraska’s offensive line has improved tremendously. The team is physical and pays attention to detail. What a fantastic job Pelini has done with this team.
    6 Syracuse is better on both lines of scrimmage than last year and is definitely a team on the improve.
    7 Utah has more quality skill position players than in recent years to go along with their usual physical play at the lines.
    8 Penn State QB Bolden is not improving as quickly as expected
    9 Alabama can be beat and Spurrier can win a big game.
    10 LSU continues to play great defense and can run the ball. This team is undefeated and is staying under the radar.

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