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    Northwestern beats Indiana in a yawner 20-17

    Updated: October 30th, 2010
  • Bloomington-This was not a beautiful game to watch but the Wildcats will take the win as they move to 6-2 on the year. There was wind on the field, but there was not excuse for Ben Chappell who seemed to miss many throws that he normally makes. Both offensive lines performed poorly and allowed blitz penetration which limited offensive production. The game was tied at half. Northwestern had a 20-10 lead when the Hoosiers scored a late td with 44 seconds left.

    When Indiana had the ball:
    Without any running game to speak off, the Wildcat defensive line pinned their ears back against an Indiana offensive line that continues to struggle. Most Indiana yards came by short passes from Ben Chappell who finished 30 of 54 for 308, 1td, 1 pick. But Chappell missed several key passes and some of them long ones which added to Indiana’s woes. Northwester did play solid coverage and limited yards after catch. CFB gives a shout out to WR Belcher who caught 11 passes.

    When Northwestern had the ball:
    After a Persa to Ebert touchdown pass that took a 17-10 for the Wildcats, they turned more to the running game which did get on track in the second half especially after Persa left the game with a concussion. RB Trumpy finished with 110 yards on 21 carries which is probably indicative of the reason Northwestern won the game. The Wildcats were a little more physical.

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