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    Jo Pa wins 400th, Penn State wins 35-21

    Updated: November 8th, 2010
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    State College-It was the worst of halves. It was the best of halves. So was the case for Penn State this weekend as they trailed 21-0 with less than 1 minute to go in the first half and still won by two touchdowns in what is amazingly the largest comeback for Joe Paterno in his long coaching career. The victory gave Jo Paterno his 400th win. That’s a lot. He probably won’t get his 500th until his 95th birthday. Hopefully I will be here to see it.

    When Penn State had the ball:
    Penn State started QB Bolden who returned from concussion symptoms but replaced him early with the hero of last week Mathew McGloin. In the first half, Penn State’s offense sputtered. They moved the ball at times between the 30’s but couldn’t score a point until strangely enough the two minute offense with less than a minute to go in the first half seemed to ignite the Penn State offense. Down by 21 with the ball at their own 9 yard line, Jo Pa decided that just running out the clock was not an option. He let McGloin lose and he started making plays. Screen passes, quick outs, mid ranged passes, it all clicked and with 3 seconds left in the half, the Nittany Lions scored a touchdown. Wow! 91 yards in fifty seconds for an offense that couldn’t score a point for the previous 29 minutes.
    In the second half, the momentum from that 91 yard drive continued and quick frankly the Nittany Lions could not be stopped. The offensive line took over the game and Northwestern was defenseless. Running backs Royster and Redd both had over 130 yards and Matt McGloin threw 4 touchdowns on the day. The Lions outscored Northwestern 28-0 in the second half.

    When Northwestern had the ball:
    In the first half, Penn State started to learn why QB Dan Persa is considered tough to play against. Even when you have him caught in the backfield, his elusiveness extends plays putting pressure on secondaries. In the first half, Northwestern was efficient and moved the ball when needed. They capitalized on good field position and took a 3 touchdown lead. But as stated earlier, the tide really changed in the second half. The defensive line for the Lions kept getting more and more pressure on Persa. Northwestern’s pass protection problems once again started to be a problem and with 100k plus getting louder each snap, the Wildcats were shut out in the second half. Many three and outs produced great field position for Penn State further aiding the Lion offense. Persa finished with over 100 yards rushing and 200 passing, but most of those yards came in the first half.

    Big Ten Analyst-John Jacobson

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