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    Badgers didn’t come ready, but still win by 3 TDs

    Updated: November 8th, 2010
  • Badgers didn’t come ready, but still won by 3 tds

    West Lafayette-The Badgers continued there quest for the Big Ten Championship by defeating the Boilermakers after trailing 10-6 at half. Purdue came out ready to play and loaded with intensity which the Badgers could not match. Off a bye week, the Badgers appeared sluggish on offense and somewhat confused on defense. Purdue had gotten spanked in its last two games and the Wisconsin players seem to think early that the game would be handed to them. That was not the case in the first half, but Purdue did hand it over to them in the second half with 2 turnovers inside the Purdue twenty yard line setting up Wisconsin touchdowns. In the end, the Badgers pulled away from West Lafayette with a 34-13 victory without expending a lot of energy which is what a good team can do in between marquis matchups

    When Wisconsin has the ball:

    The Badgers were very predictable on offense running mostly on first and second downs and passing when needed. In the first half, the defensive line of Purdue who leads the Big Ten in Tackles for Loss did a nice job of controlling of the line of scrimmage against the powerful Wisconsin offensive line. The Wisky offensive line was not powering off the ball as they had in wins against Ohio State and Iowa. After reflecting on what was at stake for the Badgers, they came out much more focused in the second half. The offensive line started to get a better push and Montee Ball who received the bulk of the carries with John Clay being dinged up, started to find the second level. Ball finished with 127 yards on 21 carries, scored two touchdowns and even had one taken back because of holding. Purdue miscues deep in their own territory allowed Wisconsin to outscored Purdue 28-3 in the second half.

    When Purdue had the ball:
    Early on it seemed that Freshman QB Sean Robinson who is the third QB to start this year because of injuries was really starting to understand the playbook. His accuracy and understanding of where to go with the football seemed to be improving minute by minute in the first half. Known for his legs, Robinson was making nice throws on rollouts and hitting wide receivers in stride. But without a strong running game, (Dierking, 16 carries 55 yards) the success stopped in the second half and Robinson threw some costly picks deep in Purdue territory which were subsequently turned into touchdowns for Wisconsin. After Purdue got down by two touchdowns, Robinson was forced to pass during must pass situations which proved too difficult because of his inability to look off defenders. On the day, the Boilermakers finished with 303 yards on offense, but without a running game and with an inexperienced QB, most of those yards were inconsequential.

    Big Ten Analyst-John Jacobson

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