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    Auburn clubs S Carolina 56-17, wins SEC

    Updated: December 6th, 2010
  • collegefootballbreakdown.com SEC analyst Phil Jacobson

    Auburn left no doubt who the best team in the SEC was with a convincing beating of South Carolina. It was a total team effort and for the first time in a long time they were ready from the start never trailing in the game. Sans the potential scandal involving his father, Cam Newton left no doubt who the winner of the Heisman Trophy should be this year. He was responsible for 6 TD’s throwing for four and running for two more. It was a terrific performance to watch. The defense played very well from start to finish and they are still getting better. I can’t wait for the BCS championship game which will pit two teams that get better as the game goes on. Oregon is as good in the second half as Auburn and has a great deal of speed. They are the two best conditioned teams that I have seen with relentless offenses. Why we have to suffer an entire month before the game is played is beyond me. Bring it on!

    collegefootballbreakdown.com SEC analyst Phil Jacobson

  • JJBeatz


    John "JJBeatz" Jacobson is a handicapping analyst who covers the Big Ten, Sun Belt, MAC, Big East, Big 12 and Conference USA for www.collegefootballbreakdown.com. His nickname, "JJBeatz" was given to him by colleagues on Wall Street for his ability to make them money betting college football. JJBeatz is short for JJ beats the spread.

    John's passion for the sport of college football began when he played his first parlay card in elementary school. His fascination with making informative predictions allowed for a smooth transition into equity analysis and trading on Wall Street. As John often says, "Similar skills, such as money management, an analytical mind, hard work, an attention to detail, and perseverance, are needed in both trading and sports betting." JJ continues to work on his craft and loves to make people money.

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