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We Raised Our Game So You Could Raise Yours

CollegeFootballBreakdown.com is a product of “One Foot in Bounds, LLC” a company originally founded by two Wall Street Traders who have been successfully prognosticating in college football games for over 30 years. Unlike other informational & sports handicapping websites, our analysts are dedicated to one sport only, college football.

This website caters to sophisticated betters who are looking to gain an edge and is not a tout site that makes untrue claims of having a super high win percentage without any proof of their ability or knowledge:

  • Dissect game changing factors from pre-snap to whistle
  • Discover statistical edges in team tendencies and performances
  • Receive access to our weekly spread picks highlted by our 4 star releases
  • Predict each team's effort and focus for this week's game
  • Compile and analyze a team updat report that measures each team's ability to function in their next game

The Staff at CFB, led by our two handicapping specialists, John “JJBeatz” Jacobson and Yonkers Phil, believes that hard work pays off and we prove it every day.



Premium members receive all the benefits of a Free membership plus 8 additional weekly picks ranging from 2 star picks to our key release 5 star picks. Premium members get the picks that our experts like best.


This type of membership provides instant access to 2 free picks per week, game preview podcasts which outline upcoming game, key wagering articles that can help capture trends and late breaking news by email.


All articles from the Inside Slant, Game Breakdowns, Game Previews, and Team Intensity sections are original copy from CFB handicappers and not purchased from a third party provider like most handicapping sites. The creation of this original content requires hard work and demonstrates the commitment of our analysts to the study of the key elements in college football wagering.


CFB believes that conferenced based analysis is a more efficient way of hitting a higher win percentage and providing informative research that is vital to making sound wagering decisions. For this reason CFB analysts are responsible for covering specific conferences much like Wall Street which divides its research into sectors. This attention to detail allows CFB to cover all FBS conferences including the smaller ones which can sometimes provide the greatest edge.


For most bettors, the college football season is a journey often filled with highs, lows, hot streaks and cold streaks. CFB is here for its members all season long offering consistent expert information and winning handicapping that helps avoid the negative pitfalls that are very common to most non-professionals. The long college football season is to be enjoyed and profited from, not sweated. Come take this journey with us by becoming a member today!

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